Shiloh Baptist Church (New Site) Pastor Search

30-Day Fasting and Prayer

August 1, 2022 - August 30, 2022

The Pastor Search Committee is now in the process of selecting a final nominee amongst the two finalists for presentation to the congregation for the Office of Pastor for Shiloh Baptist Church (New Site).  The committee will be listening to a final sermon by the candidates, reviewing input from background checks, interviewing references, meeting with the candidates’ current church staffs, interviewing the candidates, and conducting final prayerful deliberations. As we draw closer to this momentous decision, we ask the congregation to be rededicated to the task of prayer and fasting to seek God’s direction that the divinely ordained candidate be nominated and received by this congregation.  We ask the congregation to commit to a 30-day period of prayer and fasting from 1 to 30 August, 2022 to discern God’s will for this pastoral search process.

Cemetery Storm Damage - Shiloh Baptist Church (Old Site)

July 22, 2022

Additional financial assistance is needed to help Shiloh’s historic cemetery recover from a series of destructive storms. Heavy winter snow, followed by strong spring and summer storms, brought down a large number of trees at the cemetery, obliterating graves and making a general mess. However, the much-needed clean-up had to be postponed due to a shortage of funds.